Innovation and Learning Coordinator, People Engagement Programme


Background information

Transparency International currently provides support to victims and witnesses of corruption in more than 60 countries throughout the world (the number is continuing to grow), helping them to articulate and pursue their corruption related grievances. In addition to receiving complaints from the public, in a growing number of countries Chapters also pursue their own corruption cases where they believe it will set important precedents or has significant public interest. As well as supporting people to pursue their cases, Transparency International also uses the information gained to identify systemic weaknesses, which then become the subject of advocacy.

The People Engagement Programme is working with Chapters throughout the world to help to take their case-based work to the next level, including innovative ways of “resolving” cases which are stuck. These include public civic actions, social and political sanctioning by the population, public interest litigation and No Impunity Solutions Events (NOISE), which get other CSOs, journalists, lawyers, activists, etc., to jointly plan and execute campaigning strategies.

The programme also works with youth as a core group for a strong voice to enforce justice for corruption cases and to end impunity. A further key pillar of more effective case work by the Transparency International movement is the utilisation of technology for reporting corruption cases and of data for advocacy.

In this context, the Innovation and Learning Coordinator will have an important role in developing innovative approaches, knowledge sharing and disseminating learning in the Movement, in line with Transparency International’s strategy and the People Engagement Programme’s goals.

Main function:

Driving innovation, knowledge sharing and learning around engaging people, with a particular emphasis on promoting case-based work to fight corruption.

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