IACD 2015

On December 9th 2015 the UNDP Global Anti-corruption Initiative (GAIN) in partnership with UNODC launched the sixth International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) Campaign titled, “Break the Corruption Chain.” The “Break the Corruption Chain” campaign recognizes that everyone can play a role in promoting integrity, or at least avoid being part of acts of corruption that undermine education, health, justice, democracy and sustainable development. 43 UNDP and UNODC country offices worldwide were selected to support the commemoration of the IACD through their own local campaign activities. It is estimated that approximately 200 million people were reached through local activities. Additionally, a wide variety of stakeholders participated in the celebrations (government institutions, civil society organizations, youth and women’s networks, donor community, UN agencies, national and local networks of anti-corruption actors, etc). To better track and monitor the activities carried out this year at the national and local level, we have set up this interactive map.