UNDP and UNODC launch the 2013 International Anti-corruption Day Global Campaign “Zero Corruption – 100% Development”


Logo IACD 2013

The International Anti-Corruption Day Global Campaign, its logo and theme were launched  in Panama (25 November, 2013)  where more than 168 State parties to the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) met for the Fifth Conference of State Parties (V CoSP) to the UNCAC.

The new theme and logo for the 2013 Global Campaign to commemorate the International Anti-corruption Day on 9 December: Zero Corruption – 100% Development, was officially announced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the United Nations agencies leading the global campaign since 2009.

The Conference of State Parties is a biannual international meeting. This year besides bringing together the member state parties to the UNCAC, it also gathers more than 1,400 participants from all over the world to discuss progress and challenges in the implementation of the UNCAC provisions to prevent and combat corruption.

At the Fifth Conference of State Parties for the UN Convention against Corruption, UNODC Executive Director in Vienna, Yuri Fedotov, said: “Corruption is the thief of economic and social development; stealing opportunities of ordinary people to progress and to prosper”.

The head of UNDP‘s delegation, Patrick Keuleers, Director a.i. of the Democratic Governance group in New York, added: “This campaign, which has reached millions of people since its launched in 2009, puts a human face on the cost of corruption. If only 10 percent of the money lost from corruption could be channeled back to development, imagine the impact on achieving the MDGs by the 2015 deadlines.”

The theme of the 2013 Global Campaign to commemorate the International Anti-corruption was selected from a global competition organized by UNDP and UNODC. The agencies aimed at engaging young people in the design of advocacy campaigns and raise awareness to the relationship between corruption and development. The winning entry of the competition was made by Muhunde Christian, 24-year-old, from Rwanda, who proposed a simple message on how anti-corruption can be a key proxy for development.

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