Strengthening national capacity to boost integrity



Samoa’s Senior Government Officials are working with the UN in a two-day workshop to analyse where Samoa is already complying with best practices in the UNCAC (United Nations Convention Against Corruption) and to identify challenges still needed to be addressed to boost integrity in the public service.

Enhancing integrity and good governance is a key phenomenon in two of the most important national strategic documents: the Public Administration Sector Plan and the Strategy for the Development of Samoa. This is a clear demonstration of Samoa’s commitment to combating illegal practices and ensuring application of relevant integrity standards across the public sector. 

Over the last year the United Nations has worked closely with the Government and other non – governmental actors through the UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) Project. Back in February, the UN-PRAC Team undertook workshops targeting youth and civil society organizations mainly aimed at raising awareness on the UN Convention Against Corruption. Later in April, at the Induction for the new Members of Parliament, the team also delivered a presentation on how fighting corruption and crime is key to building more inclusive and just societies, in line with Sustainable Development Goal number 16. 

To maintain the momentum, UN-PRAC in partnership with the Office of the Public Service Commission, organised an “Integrity Workshop for Senior Government Officials”.  The activity, held on Monday and Tuesday at the Millennia Hotel, brought together more than thirty representatives from Government Ministries.

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