UNDP completes project to provide global web access to African governance data


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has completed a project to provide global web access to African governance data. The project includes the AfriGAP Data Portal and the AfriGAP Open Data Platform. Both consolidate quantitative indicators on the quality of governance and democracy in African countries, and provide users with simple tools to analyze this data.
The AfriGAP Data Portal provides policymakers, analysts, researchers, experts in social and political science and other specialists with a one-stop-shop platform to navigate and also compare indicators on various themes of governance (corruption, citizen participation, human rights, natural resources, conflict, etc.), from both African and international sources. It offers customized tools for data management, analysis and display, including keyword search for finding relevant information within a fraction of the usual time. The solution’s interactive maps, charts and diagrams graphically demonstrate the progress of governance reforms across Africa. Users can generate analytical reports to print, export to external data formats, and share via social media.
The AfriGAP Open Data Platform facilitates collection and sharing of data on emerging and crucial topics such as economic governance, democratic institutions, civil society and media, and more. Through this platform, users can work with existing data, load custom data sets, visualize data, analyze the selected indicators at national and regional levels, contact other users, and share reports and charts.
UNDP project partners include Afro Barometer, Africa Governance Institute, Global Integrity, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, State of the Union, and Trust Africa.
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