UNESCO-IIEP training programmes in educational planning and management



IIEP is pleased to announce that registration is now open for all of its training sessions in Paris including the 52nd session of its flagship Advanced Training Programme (ATP) in Educational Planning and Management (2016-2017), the 4th session of the Education Sector Planning Course (ESP) (2016-2017) and the Specialized Courses Programme (SCP) to be held in April – May 2016.

IIEP’s training programmes are designed to strengthen skills and competencies in education policy analysis, sector diagnosis, plan formulation and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, as well as to develop strategic management and leadership skill in education.

IIEP’s Advanced Training Programme (ATP) in Educational Planning and Management has, for five decades now, been successfully developing the professional expertise and leadership skills of civil servants and other education actors, preparing its trainees for careers in the highest ranks of educational administration. The ATP is an intensive and practice-oriented one-year course (six months online + six months residential in Paris), leading to a professional Master’s-level certificate. The ATP aims at strengthening the skills and knowledge of managers and experts in education in order to enable them to build better education systems worldwide.

IIEP’s Education Sector Planning (ESP) Programme is the core of the ATP curriculum, offered as a shorter, stand-alone course. It enables participants to acquire the fundamental skills of educational planning and corresponds to the first phase of the ATP. Combining 12 weeks of online learning with a 13-week residential training phase, the ESP enables participants to acquire the fundamentals of educational planning – from education sector diagnosis to the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of an education sector plan. This is a good option for those who need to learn sector planning but whose schedules do not permit allow them to enrol for the longer programme.

IIEP’s Specialized Courses Programme (SCP) offers six specialization courses, which develop capacities in management and analyses, addressing technical and managerial issues, strategy, monitoring and evaluation. Participants receive intensive, short-term, specialized training in specific areas of educational planning and management. Each course consists of a two-week residential training at IIEP in Paris. Trainees participate on a full-time basis in one to three courses offered in the 2016 programme.

To join these prestigious programmes, we are seeking motivated professionals who have the ability to make a difference to the education system in their country. Previous participants have come from Ministries of Education, Finance and Planning, public service agencies, national research and training institutions. Please help us spread the word to any other parties who would be interested in and benefit from IIEP’s unique training programme.

Further details on how to apply, along with the application form, are available on the IIEP website. The deadline for submission of applications for all programmes is 15 December 2015.

We remain at your disposal should you require further information and hope to soon receive online applications from your country.


For information on IIEP’s training offer:

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