Evaluation/Research Consultants – Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Anti-Corruption and Governance Integrity in A Development Context -(2 positions)



UNDP’s Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) is carrying out an ‘Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Anti-Corruption and Governance Integrity in a development context.’ The evaluation will assess the contribution of UNDP’s support to anti-corruption and transparency, accountability and integrity, for the period 2008-2014. The evaluation will be presented to the Executive Board of UNDP in the second regular session of 2016, and provide strategic inputs for strengthening the contribution of anti-corruption and governance integrity policy.

The objectives of the evaluation are to:

  • Provide an assessment of UNDP contribution to strengthening national capacities in anti-corruption and governance integrity. This includes an assessment of UNDP contribution to global anti-corruption policy debates;
  • Analyze factors that explain UNDP contribution to anti-corruption and governance integrity;
  • Assess the extent to which anti-corruption and integrity measures are integrated in different areas of UNDP support;
  • Present key findings, conclusions and recommendations to inform management decisions.

The UNDP Independent Evaluation Office is seeking the services of 2 evaluation/research consultants proficient in meta-synthesis methodologies and with prior work experience in governance area. The evaluation/research consultants will carry out meta-synthesis of anti-corruption and governance integrity evaluations carried out by the IEO and UNDP programme units. The consultants will work in close coordination with the IEO.

Duties and Responsibilities

Drawing on the secondary data, review of relevant documents, and evidence from the UNDP evaluations, the consultant will carry out the following tasks: Check the coherence of the evidence in the evaluations assessed, in terms of whether all evaluations include required evidence and that it is of suitable quality;

  • Summarize the evidence of UNDPs contribution to anti-corruption and governance integrity outcomes and factors using systematic rating of performance based on the extracted narrative evidence;
  • Test the theory and hypothesis developed for the evaluation to assess UNDPs contribution and the factors influencing the contribution of UNDPs programmes;
  • Based on the consistency analysis, decide whether there is enough consistency to allow a rigorous examination of causality using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) Prepare a report of main findings.

The consultants will also contribute to the meta-synthesis framework that will be developed by the IEO. The assignment will be home-based, and consultants will work under the supervision of the IEO Evaluation Manager throughout the evaluation. All reports and documents will be produced in English.