“Paths for Cooperation on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in Arab Countries: Achievements, Challenges and Future Directions”


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19-20 November 2014: In cooperation with the Central Authority for Corruption Prevention in the Kingdom of Morocco, UNDP’s Regional Bureau for Arab States organized high level regional consultations on future directions to support anti-corruption and integrity efforts in Arab countries,

The Consultations brought together more than 70 leading public officials, activists and specialists, including representatives of concerned agencies, ministries, civil society, the business community, donors and regional and international organizations.

The consultations aimed to enable participating stakeholders to explore the prospective for cooperation in the framework of the second phase of UNDP’s Regional Project on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries (2015-2017), in light of the achievements made and the lessons learned during its first phase (2011-2014), while also taking into consideration the effects of the ongoing regional transformations.

The various sessions facilitated an in-depth exchange of comparative experiences and interactive discussions on priorities related to legislative and institutional reforms, in light of the UN Convention against Corruption. It also enabled participants to address effective approaches to reduce corruption risks in sectors that are critical for development, and to explore entry points to strengthen the capacities of specific groups of stakeholders that are likely to add value to related initiatives.