Disseminating the “Acting against Corruption” Training Course for SMEs in the Arab countries



15-17 November 2014: Earlier this year, UNDP’s Regional Project on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries supported the piloting of a training course in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia – in partnership with leading business association in those countries – specifically designed to engage small and medium enterprises in the region against corruption and equip them with options and tools for playing a more active role in this regard. Building on the lessons learned from these pilots, UNDP-ACIAC is organizing in Casablanca on 15-17 November 2014 a regional workshop titled “Towards Disseminating the “Acting against Corruption” Training Course for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Arab countries”. The overall aim is to prepare for rolling out the course across the region in an effective and sustainable manner. This will be done through interactive sessions that seek to reinforce knowledge and ownership of the training materials; strengthen the trainers’ preparation and delivery skills and discuss practical ideas on how to expand the dissemination of the training materials. The course has been developed with the support of UNDP-ACIAC in collaboration with representatives of the business community in the Arab region and independent experts and in partnership with the Siemens Integrity Initiative. Participants are expected to include trainers who have helped to pilot the course; independent experts and representatives of partner business organizations, namely the Arab Institute of Business Managers in Tunisia, the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco, and the Egyptian Junior Business Association.