National Expert Meeting on Proposed Anti-Corruption Bills for Tunisia


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The Office of the Chief of Government collaborated with the National Anti-Corruption Authority to organize a national expert meeting in Tunis on 30-31 July with the support of UNDP-ACIAC and in coordination with UNDP Tunisia. The meeting reconvened the inter-governmental committee in charge of drafting anti-corruption bills in line with the UN Convention against Corruption, and enabled it to conduct a substantive revision of the three bills it had developed last year with the support of UNDP-ACIAC on “asset declaration”, “illicit enrichment” and “whistleblower protection”. The meeting also helped ensure stronger coherence among those bills and enabled the formulation of possible policy options on key issues that have been raised in the framework of related consultations that were held in the course of 2014 and 2015, within the Government, and also with civil society and other stakeholders.

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