International Training Expert on Investigation Techniques in Corruption Cases



The project Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kosovo (SAEK) is expected to have a positive impact on reducing the level of corruption in Kosovo by strengthening monitoring and oversight mechanisms of institutions to perform in an efficient, transparent, accountable, and gender sensitive manner. The project will ensure greater transparency and accountability of those institutions responsible for delivering public services and create the necessary requirements for more participatory governance at the local level.

Kosovo Anti – Corruption Institutions, in particular the Kosovo Anti – Corruption Agency (KAA), still have significant needs in terms of capacity development, especially in implementation of international standards and adoption of best international practices in area of anti – corruption. In addition, lack of tailor made trainings in investigation of anti – corruption offences and preparation of necessary documentation for initiation of criminal proceedings which reflect standards required by applicable legislation has been identified by Training Needs Assessment of the KAA conducted by UNDP SAEK Project.

For this purpose, UNDP will organize tailor made trainings for the KAA staff in order to address the identified gaps in capacity development.

Objectives of Assignment: 

Objective of the assignment is to increase capacity of the KAA officials, through tailor made trainings, to be more effective in investigation of corruption cases, securing evidence of corrupt activities and preparation of case files for submission to prosecutors’ office, which meet the standards required by the applicable legislation in Kosovo and best regional practices. 

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